Disclose a Concern

Vulcan Steel Limited (and its related subsidiaries) (Vulcan) are committed to fostering a culture of compliance, ethical behaviour and good corporate governance. Furthermore, Vulcan wishes to ensure that no officer, employee or contractor suffers any detriment because of speaking up about potential misconduct concerns.

This Form allows you to make a disclosure under Vulcan’s Whistleblower Protection Policy (available hereOpens in new window).  This Form will be provided to an independent third party, who will investigate the information disclosed in accordance with the Whisteblower Policy.

If you wish to obtain additional information before formally making a disclosure, please read Vulcan’s Whistleblower Protection Policy and/or contact one of Vulcan’s Whistleblower Protection Officers.

Discloser’s Information

To be treated as a whistleblower under Vulcan’s Whistleblower Protection Policy you must be one of the individuals set out in section 2.1 of that Policy. This section may be left blank if you wish to disclose information anonymously.

Do you consent to your identity being disclosed?
As a whistleblower your identity (or information that is likely to lead to their identity becoming known) must be kept confidential at all times during and after any investigation (unless you consent to disclosure of your identity or if certain exceptions set out in the Whistleblower Protection Policy or by law apply).

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Suspect’s information

Please provide the following details of the person(s) you suspect of wrongdoing:


About the concern

Disclosures must concern misconduct or an improper state of affairs or circumstances in relation to Vulcan, including by a Vulcan officer or employee. Disclosures that qualify for protection under Vulcan’s Whistleblower Protection Policy are not limited to matters that are illegal.

Please provide as much information as you can so that an independent person can understand the concern and enable further investigation.

Do you have any document(s) applicable to the concern?
If you answered Yes, the independent third party who investigates this disclosed concern will contact you to discuss the possibility of sharing such document(s).

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